A woman who endures emotional, sexual, financial, or physical abuse by an intimate partner who is a police officer is often marginalized or even ignored. If you are one of these victims you know it's not easy to find help or information. We hope you will find the material helpful as you search for your own unique way to take back your life.

A personal comment from Diane Wetendorf

I have worked with battered women for thirty-five years, twenty-five of which focused on victims of police officers. I learned from the experts — the women who chose to share their experiences with me. I've written extensively on the topic, have had the honor and responsibility to train professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada, and have served as an expert witness. I now share what I have learned with you in hopes that this website will provide a vital resource for survivors, their families, friends, and engaged professionals.

Despite the voices of many strong brave survivors and advocates challenging male violence against women, the problem of police-perpetrated violence against women remains largely unaddressed. Until we collectively confront the complicated issue of police-perpetrated violence on the streets and in police homes, no woman in any community can rely on law enforcement's protection of their right to live lives free of male violence.


Validates the experiences of every woman battered by a police officer. — Joan Zorza, Esq., Founding Editor, Domestic Violence Report
Diane Wetendorf has been the pioneer in dealing with the problem of violence in law enforcement families. Women across the nation have turned to Diane for help when the entire criminal justice system turned its back. — Chief Penny E. Harrington, Founding Director, National Center for Women & Policing
Diane captures the mentality of abusive men with incredible accuracy and illustrates the critical role abusive cops' allies play in enabling the abuser to manipulate the victim and maneuver the criminal justice system. — Lundy Bancroft, Author


Diane Wetendorf is an advocate and author specializing in police-perpetrated domestic violence. Now retired from training and individual consulting, Diane created a unique program in 1996 to provide advocacy, training, and consulting services specific to police-perpetrated domestic violence. She worked collaboratively with police departments to develop policies; trained community advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, and other professionals; served as an expert witness in the U.S. and Canada; and offered individual advocacy and consultation to victims and their families. While Director of Counseling at Life Span, a Chicago-based community domestic violence agency, Diane also developed a Hospital Advocacy Program to provide technical assistance and training to local hospitals and clinics in domestic violence response, protocol, and policy; and a Bilingual Services Program offering counseling, hotline, and online services to Spanish- and Polish-speaking women.

As a consultant to the Battered Women's Justice Project, Diane provided multi-disciplinary training and technical assistance to advocates, counselors, law enforcement, and other professionals; and technical assistance to the U.S. DOJ Office on Violence Against Women "Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies and Enforcement of Protection Orders Program."

Diane has authored numerous articles and several books on police-perpetrated domestic violence. She received the "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" award from the National Center for Women and Policing in 2000. Her pioneering work in police-perpetrated domestic violence has resulted in thousands of advocates learning how to help survivors, and untold numbers of battered women knowing "They are not alone, they are not exaggerating, and they are certainly not crazy."

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Selected Presentations and Trainings

  • Assistant Crown Attorney (Ontario, Canada)
  • Battered Women's Justice Project
  • Chicago Abused Women Coalition
  • City of Tacoma, Washington
  • Cook County (IL) Probation Department
  • FBI National Academy Behavioral Science Unit
  • Illinois State Police
  • Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • International Association of Women Police
  • Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Michigan Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Minnesota Association of Women Police
  • National Battered Mother's Custody Conference
  • National Center for Women and Policing
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence National Conference
  • National College of District Attorneys Conference on Domestic Violence
  • New Jersey Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • New Mexico State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • New York State Regional Community Policing Institute
  • North Dakota Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Northwest Association of Domestic Violence Treatment Professionals
  • Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Pathways for Victim Services Conference (Penn. Commission on Crime & Delinquency)
  • Regional Police Academy (North Central Texas Council of Governments)
  • Roosevelt University / Women's Resource Center
  • Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council
  • Support Network for Battered Women
  • Washington Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • West Virginia Community Policing Institute
  • Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance
  • Women in Federal Law Enforcement
  • YWCA of Pierce County (WA)

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